Rihanna Anti Tour #FlashbackFriday

Hey guys! I’m here with a flashback Friday on literally the BEST DAY OF MY LIFE. On March 15th (here comes the dramatics) I was blessed enough to see Rihanna live in concert. Anyone that knows me, knows that I’m a die hard fan. I went along with my baddies Leah and Ashley and had the time of my life. Travis Scott was her opening act and he did a pretty good job. I really like his music, not a fan of how he acts at his own concerts but that’s a whole other story. He did his job and got us pumped for RiRi. Eventually he left and the anticipation was building. Then there was a bright light… As if Rihanna fell down from heaven. Let me say that Rihanna looks a billion times better in person. Her skin looks like it was made from the finest silk. Her legs just kept going and going. Anyways, she strutted to the center stage and entered onto a clear walkway that was then elevated in the air giving us a beautiful view. She busted a couple of wines and booty pops and I almost fainted.  I’ve heard in the pass that she sounds a little shaky live but this time around she was perfect. The vocals, the emotion and the dance routines were all executed so well. Her background singers, dancers and band did an amazing job as well and deserve as much recognition as her. She preformed her Anti Album as well as some classics and somehow managed to take two water breaks and get right back to performing. The best part of the night was when she brought out drake and they preformed ‘Work’. They’re chemistry together is unmatched. I figured drake would make an appearance because he loves Miami and I mean, why wouldn’t he? Sexy girls, beautiful scenery. I made sure to actually enjoy the show and feel the music considering a lot of people spend more time recording the show than actually being in the present. Of course I had to to get a couple of videos here so here’s some pictures and embarrassing clips of myself singing along. The performance was amazing and it’s a day I’ll never forget!




Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset



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