Essential Drugstore Products for Makeup Beginners #makeupmonday

So you wanna start ‘beating’ your face huh? And I don’t mean punching your face repeatedly (Ha! That was funny, I’m funny) I mean having a seamless makeup look. Well here’s a list a products to get you started.

1) So of course you’re going to need a foundation. There’s no need to buy a $50 foundation as of yet. There are great drugstore foundations that will give you an airbrush finish. As a beginner, finding the right shade is going to be hard. Finding the right formula for your skin might be a difficult task too. If you have oily skin, I recommend purchasing a ‘matte’ foundation that will basically cancel out the extra oils on your face. My favorite drugstore foundation is Maybeline Fit Me foundation. They carry a wide range of matte foundation as well as dewy foundations for people who have dry skin like myself. If  you have dry skin, the dewy version will put back some of that oils your face is missing. One thing I realized about these formulas is that the matte one provides more coverage than the dewy. The problem I have with putting a matte foundation on my dry ass skin is that it seeps into my fine lines. So when I want more coverage, I simply mixed the Maybeline foundations (dewy and matte) to create a perfect balance.

I like to mix mocha & coconut.

If I want more coverage I’ll switch out my dewy coconut for matte coconut. 

Swatches left to right: mocha (dewy), coconut (dewy), coconut (matte)

2) Concealer is used to highlight or cancel out a blemish. We’re going to concentrate on the canceling out part and save the highlight concealer for another time. Baby steps first okay sus? Ok. There’s moments were you might have dark spots or a pimple. Instead of packing on foundation, you can conceal. To cover up blemishes I usually use a concealer that is my exsact shade or a little bit darker. I realized that a darker shade gives me more coverage while avoiding cake face. I suggest using your fingers to spot conceal. One of my favorite concealer is from L.A. Girl. This brand is extremely popular and inexpensive. The only annoying part is that your regular drugstores don’t carry it. Usually beauty supply stores and online will have it. But since you’re only concentrating on concealing blemishes, it shouldn’t be hard to find your right shade. There’s also this thing called color correcting where you like put blue, purple, orange concealer on your face but once again BABY STEPS SUS. 

I use L.A. Girl pro concealer in expresso. 

3) Masscara can easily enhance how you look. I love Masscara!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Ok, calm down Jheneel) Long lashes are a must. Don’t go buying a bunch of mink lashes and poke your eyes out while applying… Yet. We’ll save that painful process for another time. Masscara however can be a hit and miss product. If it flakes, MISS ME WITH THAT. If it clumps, MISS ME WITH THAT. If it rips out lashes, oh hell naw MISS ME WITH THAT! 

By far the best drugstore masscara is Great Lash by Maybeline. It offers length, volume and is easy to apply. 

4) Last but sure as hell not the least… brow pencil! Brows were and still are the hardest part of my make up routine. One wrong stroke (that’s what she said) and your brows will look a hot mess. As a beginner, you ain’t ready for all that pomade and highlight bullshit, okay? We gotta start off with the basics. Now I suggest using a brow pencil because it’ll give you a natural look and it’s easier to control. Using a light hand to fill them in is a perfect start. 

I use Jordana retractable pencil in the color coffee bean. 

So in the upcoming #makeupmondays, I’ll get into brushes, blending, highlighting etc. I don’t know everything about makeup cause I’m not perfect (only Rihanna is perfect) but through the weeks I’ll continue to share tips and tricks. 

XoXo gossip girl…..


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