Self Love

Happy New Year! I’m beyond blessed and thankful that God spared my life yet another year. I think it’s time that I can finally go into depth on how self love is so important. Sometimes tragedies and heartbreak can result in such a beautiful thing. You have to find the beauty within the ugly. There are always bright, bouncy clouds in the mist of the stormy ones. It’s hard to have that mindset when you’re actively being hurt. That’s why I’m here to share my perspective.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the shit out myself. I be poppin’ or whatever. But in the past months, Iv’e learned so many things about myself. I am able to identify my emotions and how I feel. Sometimes we like to deceive our brain into thinking we are fine. In my opinion, that is extremely detrimental. I like to recognize that feeling, brainstorm on how I can diminish or enhance that feeling, then make it my bitch. I refuse to let anyone else be in control of my feelings. In reality, I only have myself. If you can’t be 100% honest with yourself, then what’s the point?

Another process in finding self love is recognizing your likes and dislikes. What makes you happy? What are your passions? Do you love this? Do you hate that? Do every and anything that makes you happy. I tell everyone I come across that I support all their life decisions. That’s what life is ultimately about to me. Doing what you love, spreading peace and giving back.

Last but not least, remove every fucking negative energy around you. I know it may be hard for you to cut off people that are so close to you. Whether if it’s a boyfriend, best friend etc. If they are a negative Nancy, cut that bitch off. For example, Iv’e had cut emotional strings with certain family members. Why should your words and actions have me feeling unworthy?  I now know what makes me happy, right? And that doesn’t make me happy, right?

Peoples negativity can consume you and have you believe that YOU can’t make that goal or YOU can’t obtain true happiness. With all that bad energy, you start doubting and questioning yourself. Am I good enough? Will I ever make it? Well let me tell you something bitch- and I mean that in the most enduring way, you can. You guys are strong, smart, beautiful, creative and wish nothing but the best. I truly love all of you. Keep pushing and be safe.




Author: Moodie

A young creative in many ways. I’ve always been passionate about writing and I might as well make use of my (Communications Degree) right? I’m in love with skincare (Licensed Aesthetician) alongside wellness, fitness, spirituality, healing- pretty much anything relating to health and becoming a better person day by day. With Love, Moodie ♡

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