Hi.. question mark (??)

Not me retrieving my blog back after three years. I left with a cliff hanger and all. Talking about “What’s Next?” CHILD. A lot. Just the world in general. The world was never giving anyways (that’s how we speak now). Reality and adulthood as well. All pessimism aside, how blessed are we to be alive? Very!

Seeing that writing is one of my first loves, I don’t know where to start. Do I get deep or do I keep it on the surface?

The past couple of years have been great honestly. I’ve accomplished so much and don’t plan on stopping. I’ve engulfed myself into my passion & education. My connection with our Creator has deepened. When you literally have to walk in faith, it tends to happen.

God gave me a second chance and I flew with it. I did not care about any “what if’s” I just simply flew.

When external factors fogged my mind and I started to question my faith, that was a problem.

Between regular life, outside factors and manipulation affecting me, I really had to tap in.

We live from the inside out. Our physical qualities are just vain. Our soul needs to be nourished in order to make it through this lifetime.

God really spoke to me. I had to go through unfortunate events that I knew would hurt right then, but would pass. I’ve never latched onto something that was so intangible (faith).

I’ve learned so much during my awakening.

Let me start with how the universe does not play about me. I’ve sat comfortably in A/C while the ones who had bad intentions crashed & burned. I’m not talking about people making mistakes or having disagreements, I’m talking about factors that would’ve ultimately lead to my demise.

Luckily for me, I’ve always been an intuitive person. I just didn’t realize at the time how powerful my intuition was. It was almost as if the universe was like “HERE GIRL! Here is a list of things, places and people who do not serve your higher purpose.”

When people know you stand for something, they will try to spiritually attack you. Emphasis on try. Little did they know how much it would bite them back.

So while I truly live in happiness and light, my “enemies” (I’m just gonna use that word, but in reality no one can actually have a hold over me for them to be considered an enemy) are living in despair.

I sometimes play around & say I’m physic because everything I vision comes to fruition. If I can’t “see” it, it’s not for me. If I can’t “see” it, that person is not for me. Hence why I’m living out the reality that I deserve, manifested and still manifesting. All by myself. Well.. with the help of our Creator.

Point is, follow your intuition. Get away from toxic environments the very second you can. Try to feed and replenish your soul day by day. Move through life with genuine intentions. You’ll see the positive changes. You will flourish!

With love, Moodie.


Author: Moodie

A young creative in many ways. I’ve always been passionate about writing and I might as well make use of my (Communications Degree) right? I’m in love with skincare (Licensed Aesthetician) alongside wellness, fitness, spirituality, healing- pretty much anything relating to health and becoming a better person day by day. With Love, Moodie ♡

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